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Impact of Health Care on Social Work

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McMaster University
Social Work
Stephanie Ross

Impact of Health Care on Social Work (Canada) Monday, November 18, 2013 Tommy Douglas -has his own health concerns which lead him to generate this idea -main person behind moving ideas of universal health care History of Health Care in Canada -Health care has traditionally been the responsibility of each province -prior to 1960: cobbled together system (every province has different rules payment options etc) but each province didn't have enough tax money on their own to pay for it -1961: provinces agree on need for federal system -1968: Medical Care Act (sets guidelines on principles for the health care administration, sets out requirements: shared through provinces, determining how they spend $, fed gov provides funding and strings that come attached) -1984: Canada Health Act (fed gov gains right to hold 1$ from each income of $, provinces getting money from taxes given to fed gov but also $ from some services, services fees became regulated so that provinces focus on $ from gov taxes, gov could take back money/impose fines on provinces if they believe $ is not being spent well) -Provision of Funding (Hot Potato) -the differences in responsibilities amongst governments and in taxation powers result in funding transfers -who provides this funding hasnt always been disputed by different levels of gov -no one wants to pay for the health care, they keep passing it to each other trying to get out of the responsibility Principles of Health Care -Major questions -who will pay?: should individuals pay or should employers pay through benefits or should it come from taxes (no one wants to) -what is covered?: creates tension between what people consider being what is needed or not (debate on health care for those who are smoking) -what are legitimate user fees?: if its not covered publicly, how much could a user fee be. -what will be
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