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Education • education is a privilege because a lot of people don’t have access to it • learning how oppression impacts us, there are issues that affect us in a school system • there is no ministry that governs education at a federal level, left up to the individual provinces themselves, they do organization, delivery, assessment, elementary, secondary, training, vocational education, post secondary • province and territory: pros of having them decide about education: cultural context in each province, specific needs of each province, we are such a large country • negative aspect of different systems: different provinces and territories have more or less resources for post secondary, unequal distribution • access of education: some people can’t go, some people don’t have the money to go Financial Aspects of Education Funding • cost sharing between the different levels of government • federal, provincial/territorial, municipal, account for 50%, donations, investments, other private sources, university is selling in terms of products or services is 25%, student fees is 25% • students are paying more, we are relying on other sources, becomes private responsibility • average tuition cost for university in canada is around $5000, if you are an international student you don’t get funding and you pay about $14000 • people that have social assistance they find it the hardest to be here Shifts towards Neoliberalism • people are more responsible for their own education • eligibility for social assistance has to be reliant on whether you have a job, recognize individual responsibility • the idea is that it promotes self reliance but it understands that self reliance is from participating in the workforce • shift in moving people in the workforce • they say that you need to get education to get out of poverty but you need them to get a job to stay in education but its difficult to have a job and go to school, contrary logic between ontario works, in the way its set up and the way they say you can get out of poverty • if you are receiving social assistance, you can’t apply for OSAP, if you have both then you can be in prison • setting people up for really difficult situations • we set this up so that certain peop
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