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social work with individuals

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Social Work
Susan Preston

Social Work With IndividualsRdNov 3 2011 General Social Work ModelMacroMezzoMicro Micro Working with individuals Mezzo Community workMacro Working at a large level social policies social movements ect Alex He has been kicked out due to family issues Staying with a friend but will be homeless He is failing out of school because he is not showing up If we were working with alex wed go through the generalist process Engagement most important piece of the process If you dont start a relationship with someone they will not come back How to engage someoneMost important way of engaging someone is respect They will understand we are willing to treat them well if they feel respected We must also show acceptance as human beings who deserve help You must be willing to learnknow yourself AssessmentExploring the issue they are dealing withthe change they want to create It must be a collaborative processmust understand the person looking for help is the expert on their life One thing you should ask people what have you already done to try and change it Most people dont come to you with out having to try solving their problem already Remember oppression Do you think that the fact that you live in a neighbourhood that experiences a lot of poverty has impacted your healthConversations should not be about how angry you are should be about the person youre working with Goal PlanningCollaborative must listen to what the person want
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