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Social Work with Communities

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Social Work
Sandra Preston

October 29, 2012 October-29-12 7:00 PM Social Work with Communities What is Community?  What defines community? o Geography o Meaning o Oppression o Social bonds - of interest, obligation and responsibility o Share concerns about social issues Mezzo Social Work  Skills required to work with communities similar to skills of social work with individuals but applied to a community  Oppression and power are still important issues in community - community capacity can not develop if these are not addressed  We collaborate with community members to collectively make change Types of Communities  Communities of o Place o Meaning o Meaning/Oppression o Interest Aspects of Community  Leadership  Mission  Boundaries  Social capital o 'one's family, friends and associations constitute an important asset, one that can be called upon in crisis , enjoyed for its own sake and/or leverage for material gain' (Woolcock, 2001, p.12)  Social Glue o Bonds that connect individuals  Social bridges o Links that connect people in groups with the outside world  Stories o History  Celebration/Tragedy o Shared among communities  Collective Efforts  Political Identity Functions of Communities  Local participation in production/distribution/consumption - economics, education, religion, politics  Socialization  Social control to community norms  Mutual support  Acts as mediator/link between personal and society  Social participation - membership  Provides a sense of self and social meaning Saul Alinsky  Approach is confrontational and strategic  Community organizing is a process of going to war  Battle power holders to demand distribution of resources  Disdainful of idealist approaches  Start wher
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