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Lecture 7

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Sandra Colavecchia

Mass Media Structural Functionalism
 Symbolic Interactionism: Ch 8 SIQ Wellman “networked individualism”  wellman: suggesting that new communication technologies have created a change in how we experience a sense of community
  people can have offline and online friends
  different than your parents and grandparents generations
  examine how we view society on our daily interactions
 o facebook, email, texting
-they can tell us how social support is established online, recreating a sense of community
  sociologists care about establishments, how are people creating connections Conflict Theory  the critical perspective
  digital divide: not all of us have access to the social media, some groups have more access to facebook and internet
 o second part of digital divide is how people are using the internet/computers some use it for like games, whereas others are using it for like finding jobs/education purposes
 o first part of digital divide is who has access to computers, and second part is how its being used and how its reinforcing social inequalities
  Horkhemier and Adorno: o mass deception
--> the media is deceiving us, it pacifies us, it gives us entertainment to distract us
--> people know more about hollywood than whats going on in ottawa or washington
--> we are just following hollywood stuff, its deception
  Herman and Chomsky: o propaganda model
--> give the audience a one way view of social events and world wide issues
--> its gonna give us a different interpretation of whats happening us
--> its filtering or framing information
--> chomsky was a ling prof at MIT, most frequently referenced author, says the U.S’s main concern and interest about humans well being is secondary to business, says media creates a specific way how we see the world which benefits a specific group of people and not everyone Feminist Perspectives  can be based on macro/micro level
  Macro: who is producing content
  Micro: how men and women use media, how do we in
  how advertising reinforces a particular standard for women, being young, thin, beautiful ex: The beauty myth by naomi wolf
  women will be so focused on their image, leading to eating disorders Why study mass media?  sociologists study mass media to see the effect on our behavior, how we are affected by advertising  sociologists are interested in the change of time, texting, the shorthands, how its emerging technology  how tv has effected on the social evolution of families--> families use to watch them together,it was a collective social experience  impact on individuals and relationships  social change  socialization  time  social
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