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Sandra Colavecchia

Sociology Lecture 10 October 24 2012 Education Devies and Walters find: a) No gender differences in earnings b) Graduates of fine arts programs and languages earn less than sociology graduates c) Graduates from no field earn significantly more than sociology graduates do d) B and c only e) A and c only Devies and Walters find: a) more sociology graduates work in sales service jobs as compared to business, finance, and admin b) more sociology graduates work in business, finance, and administration as compared to sales c) sociology graduates work in few fields and are limited in their career prospects d) most sociology graduates work in occupations in social science, education and government e) a and c only Structural Functionalism  examines functions of educational institutions (i.e. selection, socialization)  better people go on to higher education  sponsored mobility: students are given standardized tests, and the results of those tests determine which high school you go to (high school for uni prep or labour market prep)  schools socialize students of the next generation  people think that schools should teach more moral values such as equality, meritocracy, etc  these are not taught overtly, but rather in the hidden curriculum  as levels of education increases, people are more likely to value and embrace: social justice, social liberty, and tolerance for diversity Conflict Theory  Educational institutions reproduce class based inequalities  Believe that schools teach studen
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