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Lecture 12

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Sandra Colavecchia

Sociology Lecture 12 October 31 2012 Mass Media  new internet based technologies  how it has impacted the way we communicate Mass media examined by:  Structural functionalism: o reinforce values; reinforce social solidarity. o Ch. 5 where they talk about the Canadians pushing for Canadian content on TV and radio. They worry that our national identity is being eroded by Americans  Symbolic interactionism o Micro: Look how we create society in our everyday lives. (ex. emails) o how people are recreating society through interactions online.  Conflict theory o how the ruling economic/political elites used the media to suit their own interests o the Critical Perspective: looks at this through inequality and social conflict o Horkheimer and Adorno: mass deception o Herman and Chomsky: propaganda model o Also embraces this perspective arguing that the media expresses the views and the interest the ruling class that any of us are going to process. The media filters information and gives us a one sided view of social events o The second digital divide: who has these technologies? Looks at how technologies are used (for gaming, enhance education, employment, etc.)  Feminist perspectives o Micro and macro levels o Macro: who is producing the content? Is the content problematic for reinforcing gender based inequalities? o Micro: how men are using multi media. How we use the technologies and how it creates gender based inequalities. How it impacts women. Sociology Lecture 13 November 2 2012 Why study mass media?  Impact on individuals and relatio
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