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Sandra Colavecchia

Sociology Lecture 16 November 21 2012 Inequality in Canadian Context  Absolute poverty- so little income that survival is difficult  Relative poverty- significantly less income than others  Low-income cut-off (LICO)- level of income at which more than 55% of income is spent on basic necessities Question: Which social group is more likely to be poor?  Visible minorities and aboriginals  Women and children  Disabled Canadians  Seniors and young adults  All of the above Stratification and Mobility  A large # of Canadians are poor and the gap between rich and poor is widening  Intragenerational mobility: within one’s lifetime (no occupation mobility)  Intergenerational mobility: across generations 1985 Ethiopian Famine, Live Aid  Government was spending a disproportionate amount of GDP on the military instead of food, health and aid  Sociologists looked past things such as drought being the cause of millions of deaths, and blamed it more on the Government and the wider social structure Trends in Global Inequality  Income inequality declined between 1930-1960  Linked to the welfare state  Since 1970 income inequality has increased globally  Connected to neo-liberal economic policy Development  Concept extends beyond economic development to include: o Protection of children o Progress for women o Political rights for marginalized groups o Environmental instability Stages if Development Theory  Charles Darwin’s influence  Rostow: poor countries never “took off” (acquire new technology, economic boom)  Critique  Early societies have the ability to change Modernization Theory  Values, norms, beli
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