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Tina Fetner

Sociology 1A06 Jan 11/10 Global Inequality Social Mobility  How easy or hard it is to climb the social ladder? o Measured generationally  This is a measure of social structure, not of individuals What Causes Inequality?  Income and wealth inequality primarily caused by: o Economy o Labour market  Sorts people into different jobs o Social Policy  Race, ethnic and gender inequalities o Economy/labour market/policy o Segregation o Social structure o Discrimination o Family o Immigration policy & opportunity Economy  Is there work available?  Does the work pay a living wage?  Are there shortages of goods? o If a shortage of goods, price of those goods increase o Fewer people can afford whatever they need o Value of their salaries decrease  Are there benefits for healthcare, childcare, etc? Labour Market  How are jobs distributed?  What is the range of wages?  What groups have access to each type of jobs? What causes Inequality?  Social policy  We (citizens, voters) decide how much inequality we prefer  Policies determine level o Taxation Sociology 1A06 Jan 11/10 o Social benefits o Poverty relief o Progressive taxation shrinks inequality o Regressive taxation policies expands inequality Taxation and Inequality  Income tax:  Taxes on alcohol and ciga
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