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Lecture 13

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Tina Fetner

Sociology 1A06 Nov 9/09 Life Course Sociology of the Life Course  Framework sociologists use to enact sociological situations  Aging over the lifetime as a social process o Not only biological process o It is also a social process o Meanings of who you are, what you are allowed to do are dependent on how old you are or how old other people think you are  Age itself is a social factor that organizes society and the social world  Refer to this as Age stratification o Doesn`t necessarily operate in a linear way o Old people don`t always have the most privileges o We use age to understand and distribute privileges o Not permanent  Changes in social roles over time as one age  Life course perspective sees social world through lens of age cohorts: o Children  Dependence, lack of social privileges, group that needs to be taken care of and are not capable of controlling their own lives o Youth  Some responsibility, some privileges, some benefits, but not all o Young Adult o Middle Age (above young adulthood, job, family, economically independent, in charge
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