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Sandra Colavecchia

1/16/2013 1:30:00 PM Which question can Sociology address? Does god exist? Is there life after death? How should we define and measure religiosity? How many people in a society would define themselves as religious? How important is the family in socializing children into a particular faith? Perspectives on Religion:  Structural Functionalism: o They would argue religion is functional and useful for society because it meets societies needs  Spiritual and physical, financial and practical support, creates more boundaries and social solidarity  Churches served the function of education, caring for children who didn’t have family o Durkheim: the gods that people worship, are socially created  He said the origin of religion is social, talked about the set of shared beliefs that people might have  People holding this collective conscious  You worship as a group  Durkheim argued: God, was in fact the group experiencing itself. Felt that science did not have all of the answers to all of life’s questions, because of this he felt that religion would step in and answer questions that people could not find in science alone  Society integrates people into society by creating solidarity among its members  He viewed societies as mechanical solidarity, to societies based on organic solidarity o Pre-industrial societies: mechanically solidarity  Societies c
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