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April 7 , 2013 4/8/2013 1:18:00 PM Social Distribution of Risk:  Marginal groups face disproportionate environmental hazards BECAUSE of their marginal status o Because they lack resources to avoid environmental hazards  Environmental racism  Environmental classism  Mercury Poisoning of the Ojibwa o Reed plant in Dryden Ontario dumped tones of mercury in the water. Consequence: Minimata disease  “risk decisions are not based entirely on ’objective’ technical and scientific criteria but are influenced by sociological factors related to inequality and power. This represents an important addition to public policy debates on the dynamics of risk, which have tended to treat risk allocation as something that takes place outside the normal workings of society”  Industrial accidents: o Rarely caused by one person o Caused by a system breaking down o Larger systemic factors Identify the correct answer: A. sociologists studying risk usually emphasize the organ
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