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4/1/2013 4:17:00 PM Two Additional Perspectives: Relative Deprivation Theory: when individuals lack economic resources they are likely to mobilize and form social movements Resource-mobilization theory: social movements emerge when people have enough resources to demand change Chapter 20 SIQ Dr. LeDuc  Canada’s natural governing party – The Liberal Party o He disagrees with this  Argues: o We have a dealigned electorate  Not necessarily  Most of us tend not to identify as belonging to one political party  Many of us remain undecided towards who we are going to vote for  Canadian politics is about Brokerage Politics: o Canadians tend to vote based on issues that come up during elections o Based on specific issues that come up in election campaigns o Based on their perceived understanding of the personality of the leader  How well they think the person did during a televised debate  And specific issues o Problem: these things vary from election to election o Because these lack:  Then Parties have to vie for support and get more votes  They have to appeal to various interest groups  Even if it means trying to get support from groups who have different support  Political parties try to broker deals to get votes  Therefore, we have brokerage politics in Canada o These are his arguments ^^^^ o He says:  Political parties don’t say “hey were different and this is how were different, we stand for these things, and that’s what makes us so different from those people over there” o Elections become like glorified contests rather than a place where political parties make very clear ideological stands on issues and make Canadians decide for themselves where they stand.  Why we should care about brokerage politics: o We should care because it leads to unpredictability in our society o This could lead to instability o It leads to voter apathy o Leads to voter criticism and Sinicism Young and Political Activity:  Many Canadians, particularly young people, express political engagement in other ways be
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