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Sandra Colavecchia

March 6 , 2013 4/1/2013 6:00:00 PM Deviance and Crime: Deviance: violation of social norms (rules that guide our behaviour) Crime: violation of law Formal social control:  The criminal justice system responding Informal social control:  Non-institutional  Prefer not to engage in crime because we care what family and friends think of us  Often invisible, not really noticed until a norm is violated Crime and Deviance are socially constructed Example:  Tiger woods  SEX MACHINE  That’s all you need to know.  Got more box than UPS and FedEx combined. Sociological perspective:  How crime and deviance are socially constructed  Economically and politically powerful groups are more successful at resisting being called a deviant  Look at historical and cross-cultural variation and consider the ways that crime and deviance vary across time and place Nelson Mandella: Dr. Morgentaler:  Raised medical awareness for women on abortions  Once arrested deamed to be a criminal  Now a hero Rosa Parks Louis Riel:  Executed for treason by our government  Now recognized as a hero John Hagan:  Once deemed to be a criminal  Drafted into military service during Vietnam war  Came to Canada and fled war  3 decades later he is a well-respected academic 1. Consensus Crimes:  acts that are viewed to be very harmful and wrong: o homicide o attempted homicide o violent assault with a weapon o sexual assault o kidnapping  “mala in se”: evil in themselves 2. Conflict Crimes:  society by definition say these crimes are wrong  “male prohibita”: wrong by definition  Societal disagreement
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