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Sandra Colavecchia

4/3/2013 7:48:00 AM Perspectives on Population and Urbanization: 1. Environmental-Opportunity Theory  Geography pertaining to opportunity 2. Demography:  population size o Is the population growing? o Is it remaining stagnant? o Composition of population: the age, racial ethnic makeup, changes over time and how they are significant  distribution  composition 3. Economic Lens:  Local to global economic forces  Private communities and the fortress city are conceptually similar and are expressions of the income inequalities we see in contemporary society The City:  Cities: large and dense population networks  Emerged with food surpluses Bloodletting:  Used to treat anything  The process by which you make an insertion on the arm and let the blood drip down into a bowl Demographic transition:  Stage 1: o High birth and death rate  Stage 2: o High birth rate, low death rate  Stage 3: o Low birth rate, low death rate Which of the following statements most closely reflects what we know about major historical demographic changes:  D. Advancements in public health improved life expectancy and infant mortality Types of cities:  Edge: o Outside of suburbs, but within commuting distance of the city o Hybrid of city and suburbia o Still within commuting distance o X-urbia – the rural area outside the suburbs but still within driving distance to the cities o Tend to have a lot of the conveniences of the cities  Shopping malls  Movie theaters  Offices  Accessible  Close to the highway  Blending of both city and suburbia o More likely to have bigger buildings like entertainment complexes and shopping malls as opposed to suburbia o Mo
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