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4/7/2013 1:53:00 AM Health and Aging: Conflict Theory:  “our bodies are potent signifiers of the degree to which we experience inequality throughout our lives (McMullin, 2004, p.237).”  SES: is only related to health for the very poor. Once you are middle-class, there is no relationship between SES and health. o False  Example: the upper-class experience better health outcomes as compared to the middle-class  Chronic stress: on-going stress  Acute or temporary stress o Temporary job loss  Those who experience chronic stress: o Chronic unemployment o Lower SES Most Dangerous Jobs in Canada: 1. Mining and quarrying – specifically cutting, handling, and loading 2. Construction 3. Mining and Quarrying 4. Air pilots, navigators, and flight engineers 5. timber cutter 6. log hoisting, sorting and moving 7. net, trap and line fishing 8. truck driving 9. construction 10. construction-pipe fitting and plumbing Feminist Theory: Differential exposure hypothesis:  stress due to unpaid labour Differential vulnerability hypothesis:  women have less power, status and resources, all in terms of society  this impacts their ability to cope with stress  therefore they are more vulnerable Critique of the medicalization of women’s bodies:  Taking natural phases of life and women’s bodies and medacilizing those conditions saying they require medical treatment  Child birth: o Criticism:  Women lose control over their own bodies  Lose control of the birthing process  This alienates women from:  Body  Self  Doctors and other medical professionals define childbirth in a very particular way:  Medical way  As a medical condition that is hazardous and requires intervention even though we know it is a natural process  Theorized: o This critique:  Pregnancy/ going into labour/ delivering a baby is not just about women’s bodies  It is about all of a women  Western medicine undermines this ^  According to the critique:  The focus shifts away from the well-being of the women  Shifts to the unborn baby and its health  Success is the health of the baby  Medical interventions:  Carry unnecessary medical risks to women and their babies o Post Par dome Depression:  Increase in this  Giving birth in hospitals is argued making the experience of having a baby is less-satisfying for women  The women who gives birth in a hospital is the labourer  The doctor is the supervisor  And giving birth in a hospital is parallel to Capitalism  Worts and Fox (2001): o Does this critique hold up when interviewing women?  Their findings challenge this critique  The absence of medical intervention did not lead to a good experience for women  Found that women who had the medical intervention, didn’t result in them feeling alienated or disempowered or negative about the experience  The feminist critique is inadequate and it doesn’t explain women’s experiences o Why ask for medical intervention sooner?  They wanted it sooner because they felt that it would allow them to get the rest they needed in order to go home and take care of the babies on their own  Less likely to experience “baby blues” with strong male social support o Their findings challenge the feminist critique of medicalized childbirth; social support is most important  Found that majority of women were given little or no individual instruction or assistance in taking care of their new born babies even when they asked for the help from the nurses  This showed that the women are on their own with their babies  Rosenberg (2001): o Challenges medical model in arguing that postpartum depression is caused by social organiz
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