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Sandra Colavecchia

Socialization Nature vs Nuture "Socialization is the social process whereby people undergo development by interacting with the people around them." We need socialization for: brain, intellectual, social, and physical development. Sociology does not refute importance of biology. Historical and contemporary study of feral and neglected children. Socialization • Birth to death • Self-conception develops in relation to others • Skill sets • Agents of socialization • Explicit vs subtle/nuanced learning • Cross-cultural variation Primary socialization • Childhood: family is most important agent Secondary socialization • Growing up is harder to do • Transition to adulthood longer and more discontinuous Charles Cooley: • "our self concept is tied to how others view us" • Looking-glass self George Herbert Mead • 'taking three role of another", the ability to interpret or understand another person's perspective 1.Imitative stage -Young children -Don't know how to take the role of another 2. Play stage -Not understanding one's position in relation tthe larger social group 3. Game stage -understanding one's position in relation to the larger social group 4. Generalized other -understanding how others will respond or react to you -we are able to do this by internalizing the values and beliefs of the larger society Gender socialization • Begins from birth • Begins at a young age • "behave like a lady" • Toys given based in gender • Is it okay for men to cry in public? • Bathroom etitic Children's books • Females underrepresented and portrayed in a stereotypical way • Males were adventurous, strong, big • Females were beautiful, scared, holding back • Fairytale fracturing Deborah Tannen • Asks why a glass ceiling exists for women • Participati
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