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Alexandre Sevigny

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The Sociological Imagination and Sociological Theories Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Readings: Ch 1 New Society, Ch 1 Society in Question, Ch 25 SIQ, Ch 5 SIQ, Ch 1 Becker Sociological Imagination: (C. Wright Mills 1959) individual experiences connected to a social context Reasons for increase in divorce  people living longer  legal changes  declining stigma  increasing secularism  women's labour force participation- women have financial means to support themselves  higher expectations- more willing to divorce when not met  shifting ideas about gender and unequal sharing of housework  inadequate supports for working parents which lead to marital conflict-- inadequate support for working parents, left with problems based upon balancing work and children etc. (should not blame each other, rather society and lack of government support)  greater diversity in families and intimate relationships, including g
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