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Lecture 7

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Sandra Colavecchia

Sociology Lecture 7 October 9, 2013 Socialization • Primary • Secondary • Gender • Re-socialization (voluntary/involuntary) • Anticipatory Primary socialization Childhood: family is the most important agent Secondary Socialization • Through adulthood (university, workplace, parenthood) • Transition to adulthood: lengthier and discontinuous (age at marriage, age of completion of schooling) -transition is taking longer ◦ lengthening education – delays in marriage, fertility – generation is taking longer to become financially independent • Not following a continuous life (discontinuous life course sequence) Anticipatory socialization involves taking on behaviours of social roles you have not yet accomplished Charles Cooley – Early 1990s • Looking glass self • sense of self – self concept is tied to how we think other people view us (looking at yourself in a mirror) • the reaction of other people help us understand to see ourselves • interpretations of how others view us • Q: How we apply the concept of looking glass self to the experiences of being overweight or having acne? ◦ Self conscious – worried about people judging you ◦ Wont be as confident ◦ poor hygiene George Herbert Mead • Writing in late 1800s early 1900s • Informed S.I • Taking the role of the other: the ability to interpret or understand another person’s perspective • skill you develop over time – being able to understand another persons perspective • Q: How might we take the role of the other in deciding how to prepare for a job interview? ◦ Give them answers they are looking for rather than your opinions ◦ Researching a company’s history ◦ Putting yourself in their shoes • Taking on the role of the other involves 3 stages: ◦ 1) Imitative Stage ▪ Young childern (2 and under) ▪ Dont know how to take the role of the other • 2) Play Stage ◦ Learning to play roles of other people ◦ Not understanding one’s position in relation to the larger social group ◦ Preschool, park not yet develop where they fit in ◦ Teen Sports: Soccer ▪ egocentric – just want to get a goal ▪ get distracted easily • 3) Game Stage ◦ Progressed to understanding position be
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