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March 5th, March 7th Crime and Deviance.docx

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Sandra Colavecchia

March 5 , 2014 Deviance and Crime - Nelson Mandella - Dr. Morgentaler (with Jack Layton NDP) o Abortion Doctor, previously being a normal Doctor o He witnessed several women severely injure themselves from self- induced abortions - Rosa Parks - stand against segregation for the back of the bus - Louis Riel Figure 14.4 Homicide Rates in Selected Countries, 2010 - Highest rate is United States - Bottom is Japan o Why does murder vary across different countries? o Access to fire arms, high rates of incarceration o Offenders are publicly shamed in U.S. vs. Japan o Big gaps between rich and poor this will give a bigger rise to crime and deviance John Hagan - Former prof for Colvecchia. Born in the U.S. Drafted into military service in the Vietnam War. Fled to Canada as a Graduate student and completed his PhD in Canada. He wrote “Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Registers in Canada” - Norm Violations are when we go against what is expected of us. Severity: How harmful the act is. How much agreement there is that the behaviour is wrong. The severity of the punishment imposed. 1. Consensus Crimes: Acts that are viewed as harmful and wrong and everyone agrees these crimes are wrong. Examples: Murder, Homicide, Attempted Homicide, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping. “mala in se” = evil in themselves 2. Conflict Crimes: Societal disagreement. There is conflict in society how problematic these things are and how we should respond to these things. Examples: legal language as “male prohibita”: wrong by definition. Wrong in that cultural period. Examples: Squiggie kids who approached cars in intersections in Toronto, Begging, drug use, drug sale, treason, shoplifting, right-to-life offences (abortion, assisted suicide). Sue Rodriguez: had a progressive disease that leads to death, and came before legislation to change the law of consent for assisted suicide. Robert Latimer: Saskatchewan farmer, and had a life sentence for killing his disabled daughter. 3. Social Deviations: NON-Criminal. Influences of your family, friends and people (Informal social control). a. Types: i. Adolescents (delinquency) ii.Interpersonal (mental illness) iii.Vocational (job = non-criminal violations of public and financial trust) Examples: pictures of TTC workers sleeping on the job 4. Social Diversions: Sexual and Symbolic. (piercings, and sexual preferences) ** The public and political debate in this country surrounding the treatment of Afghan detainees is consistent with Hagan’s idea of conflict crimes. A Sociological Perspective - How is social change related to crime and deviance? - Sociology - How do some behaviour become criminalized over time? - Why are some groups at a higher risk of being victims/offender? - What made this particular offender commit this crime? - Psychology - Increase in property crime in North America - Opportunity Theory o 60s, 70s, 80s Opportunity Theory - During this time, a big social change because women were in paid employment, and therefore homes were empty. - Things people were stealing televisions, radios - History of drug use in Canada and criminalization of using and selling drugs, the process of criminalizing behaviours are complicated. - People who have looked at early human societies, almost all human societies have indulged in some form of drug use and mind altering substance abuse. - Near Universal drug use - Tobacco/Alcohol legal - 2014 - heroine, morphine, cocaine haven’t always been against the law o “Cocaine toothache drops
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