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Race and Ethnic Relations January 8, 10.docx

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Sandra Colavecchia

Race and Ethnic Relations - From page 133 SIQ: - Ethnic groups are distinguished “by ancestry, culture, and social location” - “Races have relatively unique ancestries, culture, and social locations too. In addition, races differ from ethnic groups and from one another…” ASociological Perspective - Focus on inequality and power - Social significance of categories of race and ethnicity - Focus on discrimination - Race and Ethnicity as achieved statuses - change over time - Race and Ethnicity as socially constructed - (family, gender, etc.) - Race as a biological myth - insignificant - Race - 1950s - used to differentiate people (NS) Ethnicity - Objective definitions of ethnicity: ethnicity as fixed and static (language, culture, origin) - Subjective approaches to ethnicity: ethnic identity as variable and flexible (how do you see yourself - Italian, Canadian) o Change over time, situation specific o Henry and Tator - Racism in the Canadian University o Ex. Experience of visible minority university students described o Ex. Quebec: civic nationalism vs. ethnic nationalists (NS) o Ex. How would you define your ethnicity? Pg. 187-8 NS - “Even though race is a hallow biological concept, and even though ethnic identities and boundaries are neither fixed nor unchanging, many people believe in the existence of ethnicity and race and organize their relationships with others on the basis of those beliefs. There, race and ethnicity are important parts of our social reality.” Institutional Racism - Discriminatory racial practices built into institutions: - 3 Forms: 1. Based on racist ideas 2. Institutional practices that were originally racist but no longer are 3. Institutions that unintentionally restrict the chances of certain groups (racial profiling) Ch 12 SIQ - “The Racial Profiling Debate in Toronto: Data, Denials and Confusion” (Scott Wortley and Julian Tanner) - Evidence of racial profiling by police - Upper class, Black, no criminal record = Pulled over by cops vs. White - Asians were under represented from jobs such as Police and Firefighter New Racism - “New racism is a theory that suggests that it is natural for groups to form bounded communities. One group is neither better nor worse than another, but feelings of antagonism will be aroused if outsiders are admitted.” (p.208 NS) - Cultural differences = black vs. white - Britain 1970s Government “These groups are culturally different... this is problematic to British society.” - New racism: racism has taken on new forms Prejudice vs. Discrimination - Prejudice (hostility) vs. discrimination (unequal treatment) - The denial of equal treatment (discrimination) White Privilege - Unearned privilege that whites benefit from - Concept developed b
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