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Sandra Colavecchia

EDUCATION Structural Functionalism - examines functions of educational oinstitutions (i.e. selection, socialization) - only the higher capable will succeed - basis on merit -contest mobility: most students attend high schools that prepare them for universities -sponsored mobility: some countries have standardized tests in grade 8 that determine whether a child will go to into a high school to prapare for labour market or the highs school to go to post-secondary - socialization- schools socialize us, they communicate societys value to us. Durkheim says as society moved towards secularism, schools now act as a religion for moral education - value of equality, meriticrocy (reward will come to the most talented and hard working) -values are taught through implicitly by the hidden curriculum -schools teach civil liberties, social justice, tolerance for diversity - schools reward the best students Conflict Theory - Educational institutes reproduce class-based inequalities - teach you to be non-confrontational, conformity - supports capitalism - socioeconomic status is a major determinant of educational success - IRON LAW OF SOCIOLOGY: you will go where your parents have gone (if they went to postsecondary then you will too) - parents socioeconomic status will be similar to yours - Pierre Bordeau would argue that parental education attainment is important because parents are ensuring that their children are attending uni. social and cultural capital is trying to be offered to children by parents Racism in the Canadian University (Book) - Henry and Tator (2008) - Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar: experiences of Carribean student -> students felt racialism/otherized because not many people looked like them - inclusion of historic group, women, persons w/ disabilities, LGBT -institutes RACIALIZE studnets from minority groups- have students take on racial identity- the process of "Othering" by making the individuals think of themself as different -Structural racism: rascism that is ingrained in instotutes (unis), not random, not ciiolent, referred to as denial of oppurtunity - rascism matter of impact and not intent - hiring practices and protocols discriminate against faculty of colour -issue of merit ties to "fit" (fit for company) -"informal mentoring": mentoring that a junior employee recieves from experienced employee -faculty of colour has less access to informal mentoring -experience chilly climate- atmosphere of workplace
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