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Sandra Colavecchia

Gender, Sexuality, and Inequality Sex versus Gender - Sex: biological understanding and dichotomous categories; focus on physiological differences - Gender: social understanding and categories; focus on the social meanings attached to being male or females; how gender socialization constructs masculinity and femininity - Gender is sense of being male or female and playing masculine and feminine roles - Gender identities: sense of belonging to a particular sex (biological, psychological, social) - Gender roles: how gender members are supposed to behave McMullin and Cairney - Self-esteem varies by gender and structural advantage - Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself (satisfied, dissatisfied) - Gender is an important predictor of self-esteem - Females tend to have lower self-esteems than males - Self-esteem is related to structural advantage /disadvantage - Females, lower socio-economic groups and older people experience structural advantage -> lower self esteem Transgendered - Individuals who depart from normative roles about being men or women - Some transgendered are transsexual who want to change their gender by changing their appearance including gender reassignment theory - Combine between female and male gender roles - People believe the sex they were assigned at birth isn’t how they feel (gender identity NOT sexual orientation) - Can have diff. sexual orientations - Transsexual: person identifies to the sex opposite then they were born with (woman born but who wants to be a man) Intersex - An individual whose chromosomal and/or hormonal make-up and/or sexual/ reproductive anatomy is different than what is “typical” - An intersexed individual may have biological features of both the male and female sexes - Int
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