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Sandra Colavecchia

Inequality Max Weber - Class (economic power, owning property) - Status (prestige, i.e. occupational prestige) - Part (political power) Erik Olin Wright (Neo-Marxist) - ‘contradictory class location’- some occupational groups have divided loyalty - Ex: Manager -> you have divided loyalty to owner of facility and some sympathy to the workers Frank Parkin (Neo-Weberian) - Social groups maximize their own interests by restricting access to resources and opportunities - Two types of social closure: o Exclusion: effort by powerful groups to maintain their position (ex: lawyers) they want to keep their demand and income high o Usurpation: effort by excluded groups to gain power. Group that have been excluded try to gain more power Gerhard Lenski (Technology) - Technological base of a society will determine the amount of inequality - Managers/CEOs have power and share profits - Those with power can take over surpluses - He though as industrialization progressed, inequality might decline Inequality in a Canadian Context - Absolute poverty: so little income that survival is difficult - Relative poverty: significant less income than others - Low-income cutoff (LICO):level of income at which more than 55% of income is spent on basic necessities (poverty line in Canada) Development - Concept extends beyond economic development to include: o Protection of children o Progress for women o Political rights for marginalized groups o Environmental sustainability Theoretical perspectives: Stages of Development Theory - Charles Darwin’s influence - Human society also pass through stages of development similar to animals and plants, humans be affected by disease and helps us understand why some societies differ than others - Rostow: poor countries never “took off” - Society has to pass through stages : o early stage- traditional societies o as technology
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