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race and ethic relations

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McMaster University
Jennifer Ostovich

01/19/2014 Race and Ethnic Relations From page 133 SIQ Ethnic groups are distinguished “ by ancestry, culture, and social location” Race: unique ancestries, cultures, social locations Differ form ethnic groups -> visible physical characteristics( reason) Skin color Socially defined as significant in their social consequences What sociologist study A sociological Perspective Focus on inequality and power Experiences of inequality Power relations Social significance of categories of race and ethnicity Life chances, opportunities shapes our race and ethnicity Focus on discrimination Systemic What they are born with( race and ethnicity) Cannot change( some people think) Race and Ethnicity as achieved statuses Can change over time Race and Ethnicity as socially constructed Family, sexuality, as race and ethnicity Race as a biological myth 1950s, race was used by scientists or particular groups, use as a consumption of category. Independent variable of differentiating people Validity: auto be rejected by scientist The genetic differences between races are infected extremely small and essentially significant Ethnicity Objective definitions of ethnicity: ethnicity as fixed and static Ethnic background as fixed Ex. What language do you speak, what is your culture etc. Subjective approaches to ethnicity: ethnic identity as variable and flexible Ethnic Self-identity --> flexible How do you see yourself? Self-defined as a person Ex: experience of visible minority university students described (henry and Tator) Ex: Quebec civic nationalism versus ethnic nationalists (new society) Ex: How would you define your ethnicity? Pg. 187-8 New Society Ethnicity and race and organize their relationship with others on the basis of those beliefs Institutional Racism Discriminatory racial practices built into institutions(political, economic, education systems) 3 forms 1. Based on racist ideas white VS black 2. Institutional practices that were originally racist but no longer are one time based on explicit ideas but no longer EX. farmer worker, we want these workers, but they are suited in summer but not winter. So the racist idea changed. 3. Institutions that unintentionally restrict the chances of certain groups(i.e. racial profiling) operation the way, policies restricting opportunities racial profiling: “The Racial Profiling Debate in Toronto: Data, Denials and Confusion”(Scott Wortley and Julian Tanner) Evidence of racial profiling by police Hiring Certain jobs one time, there are criteria, affectively by shut up very groups of people. Lots of hiring informally( 靠靠靠) White employer tends to hire white worker Little diversity New Racism(p.208 New Society) It is natural for groups to form bounded communities One group is neither better nor worse than another Feelings of antagonism will be aroused if outsiders are admitted New Racism: racism has taken on new forms( cultural differences as opposed to biological differences) Impact of New Racism is the same: unequal treatment Prejudice VS discrimination Prejudice (hostility) VS discrimination (unequal treatment) Survey data reveal that about 1/3 of Canadians hold prejudicial attitudes(p. 133, SIQ) White Privilege Unearned privilege that whites benefits from Concept developed by Peggy Mclntosh, Feminist and Anti-Racist Scholar and Activist 2006 Census 16.5% of Canadians self-defined as a member of a visible-minority group Large cities have higher proportions of visible minorities 3 Groups Facing Inequality Aboriginals(economic and health outcomes) Living conditions, lower concrete level Nutritious food are affordable Fruits and vegetables are not affordable for these countries and people Suicide, violence, family break down Use framework of thinking through historical drama, intergenerational... Younger generation, experiencing lasting lack of being raised by parents or grandparents who are force able taken by their
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