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Bridget O' Shaughnessy

Deviance and Crime 03/09/2014 Crime VS Deviance Deviance: violation of social norms (rules that guide our behaviour) Violation of general rules Crime: violation of law Informal VS formal social control Informal social control Invisible, but very strong Non-institutional Many of us do not break the law, cause we think how they think of us When we care about how others think of us, so we won’t do something that is informal Formal social control Response for criminal justice system Ex. Long line up, some one cut in line. A sociological perspective Crime and Deviance are socially constructed Q: Can you think of activities that were once criminalized and have since become decriminalized? Alternatively, activities that have over time become criminalized? Decriminalized: alcohol use; prostitution; birth control; contraception; inter-race marriage. Criminalized: smoking; second-hand explosion; driving; seat-bell use; drunk driving; Can you think of examples of people who were once deemed to be criminals and later hailed as heroes? Nelson Mandella Raise the gender, race equality Dr. Morgentaler(with Jack Layton) Louis Riel Métis People Why murder rate vary in different countries? Fire arms at home The criminal laws( how it works? Effectively or ineffectively) Big gap between poor and rich John Hagan Professor in U of T Against :::: Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters In Canada Looking at norm violation John Hagan’s (1991) Typology Starting point is severity How harmful the act is How much agreement there is that the behavior is wrong The severity of the punishment imposed 1. Consensus Crimes “mala in se”: evil in themselves ex. Homicide greater agreement, harsher penalties 2. Conflict Crimes “male prohibita”: wrong by definition societal disagreement public disorder offences chemical offences anything related to alcohol or drugs political crimes property offences right-to-life offences Sue Rodriguez Robert Latimer Disagreement to govern about how we define crime, and how to respond 3. Social Deviations Non-criminal Informal s
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