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Dorothy Pawluch

Deviant Identities January 31 Questions: 1. How are deviant identities adopted? (BECOMING) 2. How are deviant identities resisted? (RESISTANCE) 3. How are deviant identities managed? (STIGMA MANAGEMENT) - Deviant labels are stigmatizing - How do I live with said stigma? 4. How are deviant identities transformed? (EXITING) - How do you stop thinking of yourself as a deviant? - How do you shed the identity? Becoming: Case Study: Becoming Homosexual Richard Troiden Interviewed 100 gay men and asked about the process. This is not a ‘set in stone’ process; Troiden was particularly looking for common themes. Don’t look at this and think ‘this is how it should happen’. Not a should paper. 1. Sensitization (under 13 years) - Feeling different - What is it that makes me different from everyone else? - Towards end of the stage you may start to connect differences to sex.. - For the most part you’re not aware of why you feel different - Not brought into the sexual realm just yet 2. Dissociation and Signification (late teens) - Suspicion - Perhaps different because of sexuality? -Distancing - You want to dissociate yourself from this homosexual identity; reflection of a homophobic society - Perhaps they held stereotypes about the gay community previously? Now they are a part of this community; deny this identity -Alternative explanations - Pass off homosexual feelings as due to circumstances; ie in the Army or prison there is a lack of female companionship and this may lead to homosexual urges etc: - “Deep bond with fellow soldiers, friendship”; anything to avoid the true feelings - “I’m feeling this now, but it will go away” - Brings the issue to the front of your mind and magnifies it because you’re focusing on it so much; trying to give other explanations 3. Coming Out (approximately 21 years): Coming out to yourself, NOT to others - Self defin
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