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Dorothy Pawluch

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Deviant Identities - Sometimes deviant theories are called societal reaction theories - How are deviant identities adopted? (becoming) - How are deviant identities resisted (Resistance) o Male prostitues but don’t define themselves as homosexual o Men who have sex with men but don’t define themselves as gay - How are deviant identities managed (Stigma Management) o Carrying the stigma of the deviant label **Paper should be much of this ** - How are deviant identities transformed? (Exiting) - **Can be related to paper ** Case study: Becoming Homosexual (Richard Troiden) - This is descriptive than prescriptive 1.) Sensitization (Under 13 years) a. Feeling Different but not being able to articulate what different is 2.) Dissociation and signification (Late teens) a. Suspicion b. Distancing c. Alternative explanations 3.) Coming out (appx 21 yrs) a. Self definition – coming out to yourself b. Homosexuality and a viable lifestyle c. Contact with the gay community 4.) Commitment (24 yrs) a. Beyond acceptance – integral part of who you are understand okay, I am gay b. Em
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