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2C06: How women experience battering and Accommodations to Madness

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McMaster University
Dorothy Pawluch

• Case Study: How women experience Battering o Question being answered: why women are staying in violent relationship? o Women don’t leave domestic abuse relations –they put up with the abuse and accommodate it o Women were staying because of the 6 rationalizations (similar to techniques of neutralization) 1. Appeal to salvation ethic – acknowledged abuse is going on but if I leave, the situation will be worse so im gonna stand by my man 2. Denial of Victimizer – redefine situation and make him not the victimizer and attribute the abusive behaviour to their past, alch, drugs, everything BUT the actual abuser therefore taking away that characteristic from him 3. Denial of injury- minimizing injury and behaviour all of which to avoid the definition of a domestic violence relationship . 4. Denial of victimization – taking responsibility on yourself of whats happening not putting it on abuser. Thinking that you provoked behaviour and that its your fault not his 5. Denial of option – emotional options too, lack of physical options. “He’s all I got” Emotional dependency = lack of emotional options 6. Appeal to Higher Loyalty – Drawing back on your marriage vows and saying that theres no way I could leave him, Im staying for the kids o Catalysts 1. Change in Level of Violence – Being drunk and beating and being sover and being a queen (deal with that) but cross a line put gun to head and im out 2. Change in Resources – having options available, emotional resources as well that prompt one to make a change 3. Despair – 4. Change in visibility in violence – sustaining violence and abuse so long as it is in the
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