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2c06 stigma management

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McMaster University
Dorothy Pawluch

Stigma Management Case study: Disclosure & Concealment among gay Men “Coming out” process and how they managed information Conclusion: if you looked at literature of coming out it presumed that the only right way to be was to be open about it and if you weren’t then u weren’t self-accepting then you had issues with ur gayness and requires professional help. o This article argues that the question of coming out is an ever ending story o Considers who u are considering telling and who youre not. Relationships: (Order of complicatedness of coming out) o Parents – permanent and irreplaceable relationship (that’s why people struggle to tell parents their gay) o Emotionally invested (whether u have a close relationship or not u have an emotional investation) o Privacy issues – telling them who u sleep with o Friends – Norm of honesty: should be able to be yourself around your friends o Test of the friendship if I do come out and they don’t accept me then they were never a true friend o Possibility of sexualisation  Easier to tell opposite sex friend then same sex friend because it sexualizes them. o Siblings – Emotional connections (same as parents) o Friendship ties (expectations of honesty) o Acquaintances – less problematic o More social distance Types of Disclosure (Reasons why men came out) - Therapeutic; real burden to carry secret of being gay –self-oriented - Relationship building; meet someone possibility of friendship, but at one point you say to yourself that this person needs to know this about me. - Problem solving; always having to lie and coming up with excuses - Preventative; Telling because you fear, suspect, wonder if the news will come out in another way and you’ve lost control of how it’s gonna come out. - Political; gay rights movement - Spontaneous; wasn’t planned Types of Concealment (Reasons why men didn’t come out) - Inappropriateness; inappropriateness of telling someone ex: on the job - Lack of pay off; consider consequences, pros and cons - Deference; especially for older people and younger people (like siblings) it’s inappropriate and weird to talk about your sexuality to these people - Avowal of responsibility; Indiviudals in
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