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Social Construction of Deviance Case Studies .pdf

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Dorothy Pawluch

THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF DEVIANCE Case Studies **In continuation from the list of case studies on the slide… eating margarin – deviant in historical context, not par tof our consciousness today but in the past it happened. You open your fridge and will find margarin whats the big deal? the laws we have to regulate guns and stuff…the legal language used on foods (transportation, distributing, manufacturing) we have now are created and modeled on what was done for margarin. Margarin got introduced to north American market in 1930, synthanit product (sometimes used animal fat maybe), cheap alternative of butter, as soon as they figured out how to make margarin butter was threatened and so they attacked margarin saying tis inhealthy. The researcher said it had to be something more than than. Na was changing to a modern era – something to do with maternity. Okay to sell margarin in Ontario but cant add yellow colour (they added that to make it look like butter cuz in reality it looked yucky white). Law in quebec was cant use yellow food colouring and had to use red food colouring and so it looked red. And then everything eventually died down including all these legislation to control sales over butter. THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF DEVIANCE Smoking initially was not deviant, and then it wasn’t dev, and then it was more acceptable and now its back to be problematized. Legislation by more and more coercive against smoking Not long after it was introduced, campaigns against cigarettes came. Cigar manufacturers were threathened by ciragettes and they started a negative campaign that argues that you don’t know whats inside cigarettes, cigars you know so its better. (content comes from garbage, opium, arsenal) coudnt become a minister in a Methodist if you didn’t vow to never smoke. Methodists were amongst the other claims mkers against smoking. When and where were the shifts – happen in particular social constructs – this was s symbolic battle had to do with more than just cigarettes, there were big changes in north America in the late 1800, massive immigration ffrom eu. Eu south immi and irish (new people) smoked cigarette a lot and the Canadians (old) smoked cigar. So then north americans feel threathened “don’t forget us, our home, we rule, our habits and traditions are important, you are coming into our territory” – banned smoking cigareetes as a way to protect their habits of cigar Other People still smoked but in their private homes, on the sly, and if you were running for office or a leader within the community, you did it on the side. Today even marijuana is being tried to be legalized – cocaine or other drugs might be the
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