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Dorothy Pawluch

organizational philosophy at mac  organizational mission – providing education (formal degree, and informal – become citizens of the world)  theory of office  practice theories organizational view of the client  ideal types  institutional stereotypes (labels)  Typifications – we type everyone in order to communicate and interact with them  organizational procedures and routines  “recipes for action” – in dev literature this may be referred to as processing individuals   processing deviants organizational concerns  Budgets is a huge – informs what they do  Public relations (pr) – every org has to be concerned about how it looks; look like its efficient and doing its job  The existence of an org can depend on the fact that it is paying attention to its pr  Concerns at Mac – mac is trying to move up in its ranking; there are a lot of decisions are being made about who is accepted Case Study: The Police Perspective on Delinquency Carl Werthman and Irving Piliavin  how the police function and do the labeling, interested in finding out how police use their discretion – who is offender, who is not  job of police is to enforce law but also exercise good judgment – sometimes they do overlook offences o don’t overlook stabbing or murder or something serious  the role of police discretion  not all juveniles who break the law are delinquents -some are guilty but good; guilty but weak -some are punks, troublemakers, incorrigible, bad  delinquents = bad moral character the paper – instead of asking the police, the authors went to the offenders to ask about what police did  shows how labelling process works by whats kids came to know how police use their discretion  note: most youth who get into trouble get into trouble for minor problems and rarely something big  rec
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