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Dorothy Pawluch

The formal and informal Labelling of deviance  Formal: labeling done by formal agents of social control o i.e police, judges, lawyers, probation officers, prison officials, etc. o criminal justice system: designed to charge identify and process dev o But also the helping professions:  i.e. counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, social workers  most as society progresses we are less likely to view indi as dev, we think they are suffering for behave disorder  but ‘experiencing difficulties’ is still a code for dev which determines they need help to become normal o most of the lebelling are done formally o their job is to look for dev and do something with those identified at dev  Rests on socital reaction, pple do what they do but tis the reaction of the society that makes one thing bad over the other  Informal: labeling done in the private sphere o i.e. family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances o class: start, nerdy, serious, loaft student o how does the process of labeling in the formal and informal sphere work?  scott Kenny – student at mac exp murder of cousin nd then after fam became the fam that experienced murder o fam expected things to go back to normal but it didn’t o when is it right to go out and crack jokes, and drink after something like a murder o even after you make peace memories trigger o how in the informal sphere pple are labelling and are willing to make accomodations and engage others to engage in those till these labels disappear? Case study? The meaning of mental  illness in the family (radke-yarrow et all)  studied wives whose husbands were institutionalized for mental illness  how did they come to realize that their husbands were mentally ill  what they found wometimes it didn’t take long time before wives called for institutionalization o but in most cases entire fam has lived for years and managed i
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