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Sarah Clancy

Fox 1 Lecture 1 SOCIOL 2D06 Wednesday September 18, 2013  Introduction to Sociological Social Psychology  What is sociological social psychology?  Relationship that individuals have with each other  Death & Dying  Destruction  Different emotions  Sociological social psychology is:  The examination of individuals, their interactions and their relationships with society  This is a micro sociological approach  Can you explain the difference between macro and microsociology?  Macro: everyone  Micro: individuals (more focus on this than macro)  Interested in the reciprocal and reflexive relationship between: o How society, social structure and social conditions impact individuals’, their interactions and meanings (including emotions, behaviors and relationships) and visa versa  What is the difference between sociological and psychological approaches to social psychology?  Sociological social psychology, as noted earlier, is interested in the reciprocal relationship between individuals, their interactions and their relationships with society  Psychological social psychology is interested in internal processes such as cognition  An example: How would each group explain joining a gang?  Why is a sociological approach to social psychology important?  Uses key sociological concepts to help us understand the complex relationship between individuals and society Fox 2 Lecture 1 I. Sociological Imagination: o “The sociological imagination enables its possessor to understand the larger historical scene in terms of its meaning for the inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals” (Mills, 1959:5) o Example: parades: representation of society that show different roles (ex: age role) II. Social Norms & Values o Social norms are “behavior guidelines-the rules that regulate our behavior in relationships” (Rohall et al., 2014:18) o Example: Unusual shopping trip (taking things out of peoples carts is
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