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Sarah Clancy

Introduction to Social Psychology Lecture 1- Sept 18, 2013  The examination of individuals, their interactions and their relationships with society o This is a micro sociological approach o Can you explain the difference between macro and microsociology?  Macro: Looking at a larger scope: institutions  While micro: smaller scopes: interactions o Miso: Looking at organizations but also at micro  Interested in the reciprocal and reflexive relationship between: o How society, social structure and social conditions impact individuals', their interactions and meanings (including emotions, behaviors and relationships) and vice versa o Reacting and responding, giving meaning What is the difference between sociological and psychological approaches to social psychology?  Sociological social psychology is interested in reciprocal relationships between individuals, their interactions and their relationships with society  Psychology social psychology is interested in internal processes such as cognition  Ex: Gang involvement o Psych: cognitive disabilities, didn’t develop their full potential o Sociological: person's culture, etc. Uses of a sociological approach to social psychology important  Uses key sociological concepts to help us understand the complex relationship between individuals and society 1) Sociological imagination o Enables its possessor to understand the larger historical scene in terms of its meaning for the inner life and external career of variety of individuals o Sociological imagination is the ability for people to see individual behavior in the context of the social world, how society influences individual lives  Example: Parades o The roles of women, men and children o How different groups, minorities, communities are represented o The city's social structure, the social class o My own bias' and interests on how they affect my observations  Can you think of another example or way to use the sociological imagination? o Sport games, malls, etc. Why is a sociological approach to social psychology important continued- key sociological concept? 2) Social norms a
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