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Lecture 3

2D06 Lecture 3 "Theoretical Perspectives in Sociological Social Psychology: Symbolic Interactionism".docx

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McMaster University
Sarah Clancy

Fox 1 Lecture 3 SOCIOL 2D06 Wednesday October 2 2013 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociological Social Psychology Symbolic Interactionismth Symbolic interactionism emerged in the 19 century and associated with the work of Charles Horton Cooley William I Thomas George Simmel and George Herbert Mead among othersSymbolic interactionism variants include the Chicago school Kuhns Iowa school of thought Indiana SchoolSI adopts a Hegelian dialectical view of society o This means that society is o 1 Processual o 2 Dynamic o 3 EmergentSelf action interaction and society are also processual dynamic and emergentSymbolic Interactionism Focuses On o Role of language o Shared meanings o Interdependent and reflexive relationship of individuals and societyInteraction and interpretation of meaning in interaction constructs definitions of self society and the situationSI Herbet Blumer There are 3 foundational premises of Symbolic Interactionism 1 Human beings act toward things on the basis of the meanings that things have for them 2 The meanings of things is derived from or arises out of the social interaction that one has with ones fellows 3 Meanings are handled in and modified through an interpretive process used by the person in dealing with the things he encountersThis video from Kahn Academy Medicine 2013 httpyoutubecomwatchvUx2E6uhEVk0Symbolic Interactionism explains these 3 principles with a few examples
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