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Lecture 4

2D06 Lecture 4 "Methodological Approaches in Sociological Social Psychology Part 1".docx

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Sarah Clancy

Fox 1 Lecture 4 SOCIOL 2D06 Wednesday October 9, 2013 Methodological Approaches in Sociological Social Psychology Part 1:  Studying People:  Studying people involves gathering data from human beings  This can be done in a variety of different ways such as through interviews, focus groups, surveys, archival research, etc.,  Basic Concepts in Social Research:  Hypothesis – specific statements about how variables will relate to one another in a research study  Variables – independent (lead to a change) and dependant variables (change as a result of the independent variable)  Operationalization: A measurable concept  Sampling Types:  Population  Sample  Random  Cluster  Convenience  Snowball (starts in one place then spreads out) o There are positive and negative aspects associated with sampling  Relativity & Validity  Easier to obtain in a quantitative rather than a qualitative study because those measures can be conducted easily in computer systems  Studying People:  Research project development includes 6 steps (See Rohall p. 77-80): 1) Declining on a theoretical framework and conducting a literature review 2) Developing research questions 3) Selecting methods Fox 2 Lecture 4 4) Data collection 5) Data analysis 6) Dissemination of data  Sometimes these steps are taken out of order or different stages overlap one another  Studying People – 1. Theoretical Framework and Literature Review:  Review theoretical literature  Review substantive (topic-related) literature  Studying People – 2. Developing Research Questions:  Literature review helps formulate research questions  Congruency between literature review, theoretical orientation and research questions  Studying People – 3. Selecting Methods:  Your theory, “goals of the project” (Rohall, p. 79) and research questions will dictate the methods used  You must have theoretical methodological congruency  Studying People - 4. Data Collection:  This is when you “get into the field” and begin collecting information from people  As we will learn, there are a variety of data collection techniques that researchers in sociological social psychology use  Studying People - 5. Data Analysis:  Interpretation of your data  This may take the form of statistical analysis or coding of interview transcripts, etc.,  Studying People – 6. Dissemination of Result
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