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Lecture 15

2D06 Lecture 15 "Social Psychology of Mental Health - Part 2".docx

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Sandra Colavecchia

Fox 1 Lecture 15 SOCIOL 2D06 Wednesday February 12, 2014 Intro to the Mad Pride Movement • Individuals making appropriate decisions  Social Psychology of Mental Health - Part 2  Social Structural Explanations of Mental health and Illness: Stress Model  Stress process model: o Relationship between status, stressors, resources and outcomes (distress) (p. 239) o Examines the influence/ impact of social structures on mental health o Mental health = influenced by social structure  Stressors (p. 228-229): o Negative life events - "infrequent"; "unwanted" to "traumatic" o Chronic strains - long-term, often due to "social roles" or social position o One type of stress ca effect another, domino effect called "secondary stressors"  Outcomes: o Ways that people manage or experience the stress they face, such as "disorders", " anxiety" or "aggression or substance abuse"  Social Structural Explanations of Mental health and Illness: Resources and Support: • Like we discussed last lecture, forms of personal and social support are often extremely helpful • Need a range of support services (p. 230) - access to services is important • "Positive social support..." = ...lower levels of distress"  Social Structural Explanations - Social Supports: Case Study • Smith conducted a study in the USA with military individuals and social supports available to them after experiencing PTSS after a training program • Two forms of support: military and network of family and friends Findings: o Social support = "significant moderator" Fox 2 Lecture 15 o All forms of support = less cases of depression • Military support = buffer o Increased stress = increased importance of support o Men who received military supp
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