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Leanne Joanisse

Sept. 13/2012 Sociology 2D06 Roots of Social Psychology (Slide 2) • PSP is mainstream of social psychology which has increasingly focused on psychological processes in relation to social stimuli • Symbolic Interactionism is considered the sociological variant of social psychology and is characterized by the study of face to face social interaction via naturalistic inquiry • Psychological sociology is known of social structure and personality perspective. Is another sociological variant of social psychology and relates macro social phenomena to individuals, psychological attributes, and behaviour. Quantitative but non-experimental methods = surveys. These faces are uninterested in the concern of the others = fractionation (broken up) (Slide 3) • Sociology and psychology are the core social sciences, House argues. He suggests linking the natural and the social sciences through biology • Comte’s final science is a comprehensive science to human behaviour and social life (Slide 4) • Social psychology courses themselves must bring both theoretical and methodological tools of the field forward in a discussion of the social problems and suggest why these problems are best understood studied from a social psychological perspective • Social psychology should be broad and integrative in its overall theoretical and methodological framework (Slide 5) • Students and faculty do not share a common understanding or education experience within the field • Scholars should attempt to establish a diff field (Slide 6) • Students must learn within sociology: 1. Organizational or Structional (social structure) 2. The social psychological 3. Demographic Within sociological social psychology students must learn 1. 2 distinct variants (symbolic interactionism and psychological sociology) Historical Context (Slide 7) • Discipline as we know it today is largely a product of 20 century by American researchers and theorists = social psychology is a young science (Slide 8) • Difficult to find founder because no history has been identified • Comte should be founder bc he believed a theoretical science of society and a systematic investigation of behaviour were needed to
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