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Sociology 2I03- Lecture One Understanding Organizations: Social Significance of Organizations: - Modern society is 100% organizations - Personal lives and intimate relations are structures by organizational constraints - Ie. Universities bring together a bunch of people that who are similar to each other more then they are to the rest of the population  Career is shaped by what you study and with whom, many marriages start with “college sweethearts”, political awareness is shaped by who you talk to - Not only is this started when choosing a university but it’s a choice made by parents for pre- school- parents want the best for their children Sociology of Organizations: - Now called economic sociology - Has theoretical roots firmly in the massive social changes brought about the I.R. What are Organizations?: - Group with some kind of name, purpose and a defined membership - You’re either part or not part and its clear- however this is not true in neighborhoods or communities - Clear boundary between inside and outside Two Major Types of Organizations: 1. Spontaneous 2. Formal o Tends to have roles or jobs or ranks within it o Has guidelines, rules and laws by defining how things get done within it Third Type of Organization: 3. Informal o Does not specify much detail Setting for Organizations: - Understanding Institutions: What are institutions?: - Collective entity or anyway of organizing
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