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Lecture 7

Lecture Seven: Mass Media and Politics

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McMaster University
David Young

Mass Media and Politics: Studying the Impact of Politics on Mass Media September 30, 2013 – October 10, 2013 Some issues in Critical Political Economy • Major Areas of Analysis: o Economic Side: examines how the institution of the economy has an impact on organizations within the institution of mass media  Ownership concentration  Profit  How the capitalist economy is impacting the advertising o Political side: examines how the institution of politics has an impact on organizations within the institution of mass media  The Capitalist State (has an impact on media organizations)  Broadcasting legislation/regulation  Neo-liberalism • The Concept of the State o Different than the concept of the Government o The State is a broader concept because it actually includes the government as well as a variety of other things o The State includes:  All levels of government  Legislation and courts  Regulatory agencies  Media organizations under public ownership Marx’s Ideas about the Capitalist State • The Communist Manifesto: a document that contained the first strand of Marx’s thinking about the state o Written by Karl Marx, with his friend Friedrich Engels o Published in 1848 o Purpose of this document was to encourage workers to rebel against the capitalist system and overthrow them o Contained some important theoretical ideas about the State o “The executive of the modern State is but a committee for managing the affairs of the whole Bourgeoisie” – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto • The 18 Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte: contains the second strand of Marx’s thinking about the State o Written by Karl Marx alone o Published in 1852 o The title is a reference to a famous coup that took place in France o Historical analysis of political development that took place in France o This document has given us some additional important ideas about the State  The State is seen as the sight of class conflict  Conflict between the Proletariat (working class) and the Bourgeoisie
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