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Lecture 12

Lecture Twelve: The Organization of Media Work

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David Young

The Organization of Media Work: Howard Becker October 21, 2013 – October 24, 2013 Bases for the Behaviour of Media Personnel • Organizational Needs o Some researchers have suggested that the behaviour of media personnel is based on organizational needs o Organizations have needs that must be met o Individuals within those organizations are going to play their part in the division of labour to meet the needs of the organization o Two problems with this argument 1. This argument is based on the problematic or questionable notion of organizational needs  Do organizations really have needs? If they do, how do we really identify them? 2. This argument really emphasizes structural constraints and leaves very little room for independent agency • Negotiated Terms o The people within organizations will negotiate the terms of their cooperation before each major task or project o Sometimes in organizations, people work in teams to complete certain projects or tasks – they may end up on a multiplicity of these teams and they must negotiate what their role is going to be within that team
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