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Lecture 4

Lecture Fourteen: Media and Ideology

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David Young

Mass Media and Ideology: Analysis of Ideology October 28, 2013 – November 8, 2013 Analysis of Ideology • Ideology: refers to a system of meaning that defines and explains the world while making judgements about the world o Different ideology (upper class, lower class) Ideological Analysis of Mass Media • Focuses on the study of media texts • Media texts o The term texts imply written material o Media texts can additionally be audio/visual material as well  i.e. books, newspaper articles, newspaper stories – written media texts  i.e. movies, television shows and songs – audio/visual media texts • There will be ideology reflected in these different media text s • Ideological Analysis allows us to see: o What kinds of ideas circulate in media texts o How the ideas are constructed o How the ideas change over time o When the ideas are being challenged The Theoretical Foundation for Ideological Analysis of Mass Media • Karl Marx o Marx was fully aware of the political and economic aspects of capitalist society o He was also aware of the cultural and ideological aspects of capitalist society o “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas” – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The German Ideology  The capitalist class that is responsible for the dominant ideas in our society • Neo-Marxism o A theoretical approach that builds on, modifies and updates Marx’s ideas o Georg Lukacs  He saw ideology as a mechanism of social control that allows the bourgeoisie to impose their ideas and viewpoints on the proletariat  The Bourgeoisie (The Capitalist Class) • Capitalist Ideology – capitalism is good  The Proletariat (The Working Class) • False consciousness – exists because they accept the ideology of the bourgeoisie – capitalism is good • The Proletariat will eventually develop class consciousness – come to realize that their collective interests, as a class, lie in starting a revolution to eliminate capitalism • Prol
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