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Lecture Twenty-Two: Mass Media and Audiences

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David Young

Mass Media and Audiences: The Encoding-Decoding Model November 25, 2013 – December 2, 2013 Encoding • Encoding: refers to how messages are constructed by media organizations through a complicated production process • Hall argued that this production process is affected by this dominant ideology • Hall wrote that this production process will be affected by various “meanings and ideas” • Hall indicated that some of these “meanings and ideas” will come from the media organizations themselves, and this includes “knowledge-in-use concerning the routines of production” • Hall also indicated that some of these “meanings and ideas” will come from “the wider socio-cultural and political structure” o Journalists, television producers, movie directs, etc, are part of a larger culture and they have internalized a lot of the dominant ideology, patriarchal ideology, racist ideology o Perhaps in unconscious ways, this dominant ideology that media professionals have picked up from the wider society, it will influence their work – it will get woven into the scripts or films they write or direct, for example o They have been exposed to all cultural stereotypes that float around in our society • As a result of encoding, Hall argued that the dominant ideology is inscribed as the dominant or preferred meaning within media texts Decoding • How audience members interpret the dominant ideology that is embedded in media texts • They interpret the dominant ideology in these m
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