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Mark Mckerrow

Sociology 2P06: Lecture January 8, 2013 Explaining the Effects of Education Explanation 3: Credentialing • Randall Collins. 1979. The Credential Society ◦ Opposes the human capital explanation of the earnings differences between the more and less educated ◦ Different people interpret facts differently (those with more education earn more) ▪ Try to find more facts that explains one theory and disproves another • Are there important pre-education skill differences? ◦ Not much, if at all (Collins is not completely clear here) ▪ Some people believe skills such as abstract thinking and writing receive higher grades and pursue higher education ▪ Some outside forces may prevent people from entering higher education ▪ Some people think those with lower grades may have the same skill set but don't want to go to University so they don't work towards higher grades • University has no psychic costs: “interlude of fun” ◦ Education is consumption, not investment ◦ Human capital theory thinks of it as present cost and future investment ▪ Collins believes University is present benefit Collins Opposes Skill Development Explanation of University Premium • Schooling does not develop occupational skills ◦ Narrow academic skills don't increase workplace productivity ◦ You don't use everything you learn in school ◦ Different writing you use in school compared to work • Employers ignore grades ◦ Ostensibly a measure of the skills learned in school ◦ Collins states that if you aren't looking at the grades then you don't care about the skills and they don't think education looks at skills Why do the More Educated Earn More? • Education requirements restrict labour supply ◦ eg. a pharmacist degree ▪ hard program to get into with a high payout ▪ job is more easy now that everything is on the computer • Employers pay more to their “cultural kin” • Education is a justification fo
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