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Work: Women and Men Part 3 Lecture 9, Soc 2Q06E November 14, 2012 • Accounting for Women’s Lower Earnings  Wage discrimination  Gender-segregated structure of the labour market • Human Capital Theory (from your text page 236)  Female and male pay differences are a product of differences in men’s and women’s educational levels, skills, training and work experience  (remember we said this is a very supply side argument)  “She works hard for the money: household responsibilities and the allocation of effort” by Bielby and Bielby. AJS 1988  On average women allocate more effort to work than do men.  “women worked longer, did more work, completed more correct work, and were more efficient than men” from Major et al. study 1984.  Women generate energy necessary to fulfill their commitments to two sets of activity (p. 1056).  Work demands of the home do not impact negatively  Supply Side Explanations (explanations which focus on the abilities and preferences of workers  Time spent working (men put in longer hours)  Women bear brunt of domestic work  Sex segregation  Skill (not an important factor)  Effort (no evidence of this)  Education (little difference in average ed.)  Experience (men participation continuous)  Wage bargaining (impacts wages)  (Padavic and Reskin 2002)  Demand Side Explanations (Employer discriminatory actions)  Statistical discrimination  Gender Ideology and stereotypes  Employers pay practice  Aversion to female workers : discrimination  (Padavic and Reskin, 2002)  Role of Numbers:  Rosabeth Moss Kanter (1
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