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Anna Janzen

Fox 1 Lecture 2 Tuesday September 24, 2013 SOCIOL 2Q06  Biological, Psychological and Social Psychological Theories – Chapter 2  Movie: If you were a woman how would you feel different?  Activity: If you were born the opposite gender: how would you be different physically and what would the opportunities be? o Stereotypes of Males vs Females  Biological: sChromosomes:  Female: XX o More genetic material: X’s affect ability to fight off disease, adapt to environment, etc.,  assumption is that the extra X help with life expectancy  Male: XY  Chromosomal Sex  Gonadal Sex  Phenotypic Sex  Hormonal Sex:  Implicated in sexual differentiation  Androgens: Male  Estrogens: Female  Balance will be different in both  Reproductive Sex:  Hormones and development of male reproductive system  External genital sex after 7 weeks gestation  All fetuses are female until they are male  Other Variables:  Brain sex: are there male/female differences  Assigned sex: visual  Gender identity  Gender behavior Fox 2 Lecture 2  Assumption that the male brain is bigger (different parts of the brain and/or whole better developed than women’s) = hasn’t been proved  Left brain: logical rational, thinking, etc., (men predominate)  Right brain creative: emotion (women predominate)  MRI’S can test whether its left or right brain that’s working (difference between male and females)  Some people argue that there is a link between brain and behavior  Brain plasticity: neural synapses in brain can be retrained in different ways (the brain is an organ that learns) and can learn by using patterns of thinking and can change your hormonal balance  Argued that the brain isn’t responsible for the chemical mix that is responsible for you, but maybe It can be mixed as well  Hermaphrodite: both sexes  Germany became the first country to not pressure people into picking a sex for hermaphrodites  Tend to fall into stereotypes: make choices in terms of how you dress, how you feel, opportunities, pass through life stages, etc., = gender identity (externals: first thing you see) then we take on appropriate actions towards that person bas
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