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Anna Janzen

Fox 1 Lecture 6 SOCIOL 2Q06 Tuesday September 22, 2013  Socialization  Where We’ve Been:  Terminology – sex, gender, sexuality  Perspectives on sex/gender typing  History of gender construction in Canada (Immigration, War)  Political landscape of gender  Readings:  Consider:  Gender socialization in families when both parents are paid in labour force  How is gender produced in everyday practices of adults  What do children learn, model from this  Where We’re Going:  Gender socialization (family, peers, school, media)  Language of gender: portrays and constructs reality (Ex: book from the 50’s is a time warp - focuses on males)  Gender & Health (outcomes, access to health, credibility)  Socialization:  Lifelong process  Societal expectations – attitudes, values, behaviors  Accountability to society at large (not just an individual - apart of a social group and have to know how to perform in this/Ex=kid in grocery store throwing a tantrum: hasn’t learned how to behave in public)  Sense of self, identity  Teaches the roles you could occupy in life  Gender Socialization:  Process of acquiring gender identity  Learning gendered ways of thinking, acting, feeling Fox 2 Lecture 6  Family:  Primary group  First emotional ties  Infant relies on adult  Represents society, and represents culture in early years  Learn language, norms, values  May be problematic: assumption is that the ideal family is considered to be a normal family (not true): definition in book  Family: Two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption  Household: People who occupy the same housing unit  Nuclear Family: Husband, wife and children  Family: Statistics Canada:  Census Family: Living in the same dwelling (may or may not be related, some or no children, idea of marriage is not implicit-gay, straight)  Economic Family: Share economic resources (extended family, share resources,
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