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Lecture 5

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Dr.Lina Samuel

Psychological and Socio-Psychological Perspectives September 23, 2013 – September 25, 2013 Biologically Grounded Theories • “Gender behaviour is ultimately a product of human biological nature” • Biology determines gender • Stephen Goldberg believes that it is not nurture or the environment that leads to these differences between men and women, but that it is inborn differences that lead to the categories of men and women • Biology leads to different types of behaviours that we expect from males and females Sociobiology • Edward O. Wilson, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis 1975, Harvard University Press o “Systematic study of the biological basis of all forms of social behaviour” o Ants are social insects, and their social behaviour is explained on their genetic interest  Driven by a necessity to keep the group going  Worker ants are sterile – they need the queen ant  Ants are required to live in a socialized setting in order for survival, unlike humans who are reproductively independent o “Karl Marx was right, he just had it in the wrong species” – E.O. Wilson o Who was Edward O. Wilson?  “Desktop Diaries: E.O. Wilson”  Vision in only one eye  Interested in ants which evolved into a scientific career working ants  Believed in nature over nurture • Social biologists argue over the course of evolution of species, certain characteristics are valued and forms of behaviour (aggression, dominance, etc.) become more important • Wilson opposites Money by saying people do not start with a blank slate (people are not nurtured) • Charles Darwin o According to Darwin:  Reproduction occurs within a nature environment  A species genes are passed on to offspring  Members of a particular species possesses different characteristics, and thus
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