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Anna Janzen

Fox 1 Lecture 10 SOCIOL 2Q06 Tuesday March 4, 2014  Health & Gender • Longevity • Born in 2005 • Female – 82.7 years • Male – 78 years • Women use health care more • Higher rate of chronic illnesses • Pregnancy, childbirth • Diagnostic tests • Risk and protective factors (preventative care is focused on more: nutrition, women take more vitamins) • Diet and exercise (males more likely to exercise on own time because women forget about leisure when they have children, women take more vitamins) • Stress (women have more stress) • Social support networks  Scope of Health Care: • Think of the range of health care professionals • If you have consulted them what was their gender • Are health care fields gendered? • 58% males as family doctors • Emergency medicine is 75% males • Pediatric emergency is 75% women • Women in adolescent psychiatry 52% • 66% of specialists are men • Contact with an alternative health care provider (2005) women: 17.5% men: 9.8%  A Gendered Care Field: • Is there a doctor in the house • Medical school enrolments • GP vs. Specialist • Nursing • Invisible care Fox 2 Lecture 10  Research: • Gender gap (men dominate the medical field) • Males as the default (drugs act differently in men than women) • Do women have the same symptoms as men (NO: evidence that women feel pain a lot more than men do) • What differences need to be considered? • Animal trials (bias of male animals in most disciplines-male rats are easier b.c they grow faster and
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